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Created over 20 years ago Equator Global and Travel Uni now has more than 330,000 members worldwide

Empowering Global Sales Forces

Mostly frontline sales staff in travel agencies including retail, homeworking networks, OTA’s and TMCs, plus tour operators, groups and meetings bookers and a wide range of other intermediary sales organisations.

Equator Global builds bespoke online trade sales platforms for clients, incorporating a full range of trade marketing and communications tools together with online training and e-Learning and event management.


70+ Destinations, Free Access

Travel Uni in turn is the global membership platform owned by Equator, which incorporates over 70+ destinations, (including the UK and Ireland) and travel supplier portals together with over 250 webinars and videos plus daily news and offers, delivered free to users throughout the world.

They all want to find out how best to sell your destination or product so that they can learn to earn for you company and their employer

Seamless Education, Updates, Rewards

Being a global company means that we offer the platform for sales in over 70 markets and in 25 languages so you can sell your product wherever you wish. The complete cycle of education about destinations and products, regular updates and selling tools and Rewards incentives to engender productivity and loyalty, is provided in a seamless and dynamic online resource.


It’s a true one-stop-shop to win the hearts and minds of the travel trade frontline sales staff in travel agencies, tour operators and a host of other sales channels throughout the world.

Take a look at our Case Studies to learn more about how we can transform the recognition of your destination or brand in the travel trade and significantly boost your bookings either by market, region or globally.

330,000+ Users worldwide
70+ Used in 70+ countries
25 Available in 25 languages
  • Category: Destinations by country, region and city

    Case Study: Tourism Authority of Thailand

    Tourism Authority of Thailand

    Equator iPad Device
    • Category: Destinations by country, region and city

      Case Study: Switzerland


      Equator iPad Device
      • Category: Hotels and Hotel Groups

        Case Study: Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts

        Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts

        Equator iPad Device

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